Dragon Nest 🐦

β€œWinter will never come for the likes of us. Should we die in battle, they will surely sing of us, and it’s always summer in the songs."

Becoming an early supporter of our platform rewards you with a Dragon Nest - Supporter NFT.

TLDR: We will be launching an exclusive and highly limited NFT series that can be staked in on all layers of the farm and games to earn you attractive rewards. Become a Dragon Nest Supporter by holding one of these limited edition NFTs!

Dragon Nest Supporter Rewards: 10% of deposits and 1% on every sale in the Marketplace shared between Dragon Nest Supporters.

Cost and Availability: The cost for the Dragon Nest - Supporter NFT is 1500 USDT.e. Max 2 per address. There are 25 NFTs available, numbered 1 through to 25.

The funds gathered from Dragon Nest sales will be split between marketing and the Hunt for the Golden Dragon prize pool.

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