Procedure πŸ‘£

First Step: Swap $DREGG to $PDCAU

  • The swap will open once $DREGG farming ends.

  • Send $DREGG to a contract on our website and receive $PDCAU in a set ratio.

  • The swap will last for 72 hours, after which all liquidity will be removed from $DREGG (see "Liquidity Transfer" below). Please complete all $DREGG trades and swap before this deadline.

Second Step: Liquidity Transfer

  • After the $DREGG swap period ends, we will sell the tokens to the AMM (i.e. the LP pair on Trader Joe). The team will then assess available funds and assign liquidity numbers.

  • Liquidity Provision

    • The price at which liquidity will be provided for $DCAU will be decided based on the final market cap of $DREGG tokens at the end of the swap period.

  • Liquidity Amount: 100% of the recovered amount in USDT.e and an equivalent value in $DCAU

  • Pre-farm trading will be for 48 hours before $PDCAU gets swapped to $DCAU

Third Step: Swap $PDCAU to $DCAU

  • Approximately 3 days after the end of the swap period from $DREGG to $PDCAU (1 hour after liquidity is added)

Fourth Step: Farm emissions start

  • Approximately 24 hours after the swap from $PDCAU to $DCAU opens

  • Stake $DCAU in our native pools, or use it to play The Dragon's Quest!

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