Tiny Dragons Arena 🏟️

"From the ashes, a fire shall be woken."


Game Rules

  1. Mint (if available) or Buy a Tiny Dragon: the rarer your Tiny Dragon, the higher its base win rate in the arena!

  2. Level-Up your Tiny Dragon with $DREGG (view your Tiny Dragon here and click on "Level Up!"): each $DREGG spent boosts your Tiny Dragon by 2 stat points

  3. Allocate your stat points to either Attack or Defense

  4. ENTER THE ARENA by paying a small entry fee in $DREGG

  5. Arena battles follow a process of elimination - victorious Tiny Dragons face off until all are ranked!

  6. Check your rank: the higher your rank, the bigger your prize!

  7. Collect your prize!

  8. There's a random chance of gaining a free level up from matches! You're more likely to get this if you lose the match.

80% of all revenue from Tiny Dragons Arena will be used to buyback and burn $DREGG (with the remaining 20% going towards marketing and partnerships)! The more you play, the more your $DREGG holdings appreciate in value!


Can I lose my Tiny Dragon in an Arena battle?

No, your Tiny Dragon is safe.

What are my odds of winning? How powerful is my Tiny Dragon?

The higher the rarity score of your Tiny Dragon, the higher its base attack/defense stats will be! The higher its stats, the higher your Arena win-rate!

Your stats affect how likely you are to win a match. For example, if you have a rank 20 dragon at level 1, you will have 5 attack. a rank 999 dragon at level 1 will have 1 defense, so the rank 20 would have 58% chance of winning vs the rank 999 at 42%.

Is there some balancing mechanism in place that prevents under-levelled Tiny Dragons from getting stomped on all the time?

While we would encourage you to level up your Tiny Dragon, each match has a minimum required level and a maximum required level. So it would certainly benefit your strategy to check out the opponent Tiny Dragon's stats and choose the best Tiny Dragon for the fight beforehand.

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