Yield Farming 👨‍🌾

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Native LP Pools

In Dragon Crypto Gaming: Aurum's LP pools, we fine-tune our rigorously designed parameters to ensure our community members receive competitive and stable APRs.
We will be offering two $DCAU LP pools on Aurum (rewards in $DCAU):
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
Providing $DCAU liquidity is an excellent way to support Aurum and further secure your investment. With sufficient liquidity, the negative price impact from selling pressures will be minimized. This will help to mantain price stability for the $DCAU token as well as supporting the platform's longer term growth as it will be contributing to the consistent growth of the TVL and market cap.
Our multipliers are designed such that providing liquidity is highly incentivized. There are also no deposit fees in our native pools.
To form a $DCAU LP pair, simply obtain an equal value of $DCAU and the other token, head over to Trader Joe and add your tokens into the liquidity pool. You will receive LP tokens in return, which you can stake in our LP pools to receive an attractive ROI!

Native Single Staking and Non-Native LP Pools / Single-Staking

In our single-stake pools and non-native farms, we employ a similar strategy as our native LP farms with rigorously tailored parameters to, again, help ensure our community members get some of the best competitive and stable APRs available.
The following pools are available: [TBD]