Dragon Crypto Gaming Ecosystem 🌐

β€œOld powers waken. Shadows stir. An age of wonder and terror will soon be upon us, an age for gods and heroes.”

The Aurum Platform earns revenue through an array of innovative features. Platform earnings will be re-invested into the ecosystem for the benefit of our community.

Play-to-Earn Gaming

Dragon Crypto Gaming: Aurum serves as an introduction to our play-to-earn ecosystem. It has a main quest where you have to train your avatar, gain experience to boost your stats, obtain powerful equipment and finally defeat the Gold Dragon. Certain in-game actions (such as adventuring and exploring the Plains) will have a cost paid in $DCAU. Game revenue will serve as the platform's primary revenue generator.

Please refer to the section titled The Legend of Aurum Draconis for further details.


Our wildly successful series of NFTs: Tiny Dragons, will continue to play an important role in our ecosystem. Tiny Dragon owners can level up their beasts and battle for attractive prizes in the Arena. They can breed their Tiny Dragons in our Dragon Lab for rare and valuable attributes which they can either keep or re-sell in our own NFT marketplace or external platforms, then combine them to create your ultimate Tiny Dragon! They can also participate in our ongoing Dragon Fire Lottery to win crypto (e.g. USDT, AVAX) and rare NFTs. All of these actions will have a cost, to be paid in $DCAU, and form another income stream.

Please refer to the section titled Tiny Dragons and Tiny Dragons Arena for further details.


Our platform will also feature farms and pools where you can stake your crypto assets and earn $DCAU, which you can then use to participate in our ecosystem! Deposit fees from our non-native pools will be yet another source of earnings.

Please refer to the section titled Yield Farming for further details.

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