Liquidity Provision Price πŸ’§

$DCAU will be listed at a significant premium to $DREGG market cap

  • The listing price of $DCAU is directly correlated to (a) $DREGG's market cap ("MC") before the native swap and (b) the amount of $DREGG burnt.

  • Swapped tokens' value will increase between 20% to 40% at listing: for every $100,000 increment of $DREGG's MC, a 1% premium will be added to $DCAU listing price (starting from a 20% premium at $0.6M up to a 40% premium at $2.6M).

  • Through this mechanism, our community is encouraged to accumulate $DREGG and participate in our existing platform features (i.e. Tiny Dragons upgrading, Dragon Fire Lottery, and Tiny Dragons Arena), all of which have an in-built burning mechanism (between 80%-100% of ALL revenue is used to BURN $DREGG) which helps to support and increase $DREGG's MC.

We will not be offering a separate presale for $DCAU. There is no "fair launch" or a "stealth launch". Our native swap cannot be botted, unlike most common token launch methods. Your only way to participate in this launch is to buy and accumulate $DREGG.

Why undertake a native swap?

A native swap creates a level playing field for everyone and gives our community a chance to participate early and benefit from any price appreciation of $DCAU.

Another benefit to having a native swap is that the token price is less prone to violent swings that would come from a botted launch.

Are there any other benefits to swapping $DREGG?

Those who participate in the native swap will be rewarded with an exclusive early supporter NFT. This NFT will confer secret benefits (hint) in the Hunt for the Golden Dragon game. Each address is limited to one early supporter NFT.

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Swap Amount

50,000 (1/3rd of the total supply)

$DREGG to $PDCAU ratio


Initial Liquidity Provided


Limit per wallet

No limit

Start Date and Time


End Date and Time


$PDCAU contract


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